Bathroom Remodel Near Me – Where to Begin?

bathroom remodel near me

You’ve decided it’s time for some remodeling starting with your bathroom. In addition, you have researched bathroom remodel near me to get some ideas. All Vital Construction LLC has experienced and reliable contractors ready to help! In the meantime, here are a few design options to consider.

Bathroom Remodel Near Me Options

Remodeling the bathroom can include the design of the sink, toilet, and shower. Additionally, you will most likely include light fixtures, walls and tile work. Nevertheless, you have endless options to create your perfect space. Your contractor will be able to help you find the right options.

Sink Area

In general, there are a variety of sink options and materials. Different sinks include under-mounts and drop-ins. Today, most people prefer under-mount sinks, since they do not have the lip sitting on top of the counter. In short, this can make cleaning tricky. On the other hand, drop-in sinks are easier to install. Ultimately, weighing the pros and cons will help you decide which sink is best for you.

Furthermore, along with the types, there are multiple material options. These include copper, ceramic, and glass. Ceramic seems to be the most durable and widely-used. However, copper sinks add character, while a glass design adds elegance.

Toilet Design Options

All in all, the toilet is the throne in this specific space. Thus, design is important. Toilet options include size, flush options, bowl shape, heated and more. Also, if space permits, bidets are becoming a popular feature. To begin with, toilet size includes looking at the height and the bowl size. After all, if you have a smaller bathroom a round bowl will save space.

Today, higher toilets are more popular. People are much taller now than when indoor toilets originated. For many years, manufacturers didn’t change the height of the seat. Just one more decision to make! Next, the flush options include valve and size. Ultimately a larger valve results in a better flush through moving water faster. If you want to keep your home eco-friendly, you’ll want to have toilets that use less water. Finally, heated seats and bidet options offer an extra touch of luxury. Therefore, finding the best to fit your needs will take some consideration on your part.

Tub vs. Shower Remodeling

One of the largest components of the bathroom is the shower or bathtub. The big question is should you have a tile shower or a bath tub? This a big decision and will require a lot of work from your contractor. Whether a shower, tub or walk-in tub, you have a variety of styles, materials, and even water flow options. In addition to the components, you must consider tile options and surrounding light fixtures.

First to consider is the style, which can include walk-ins, water jet tubs, tub and/or shower, etc. While showers can be more accessible and save space, tubs can add to the resale value. In addition to style, consider light fixtures and custom elements. These can include seats, sound systems, and hand-held shower heads or rain showers.

Cost to Remodel a Bathroom

Now that you have some options to think about, it’s time to consider your budget. When looking for a bathroom remodel near me, this isn’t an easy question to answer. Indeed, there are many factors to contemplate. However, the average range is $5,000-$30,000 considering the size, materials and amount of labor involved. Another key point – remember that having a contractor to advise and guide you will save you time and frustration.

Now that you are ready to move forward you can hire a contractor. All Vital is a family-oriented company with combined experience of 27 years in the contracting business. Fortunately, our years of work in home construction and remodeling allows us to handle any size project. Today, call All Vital at 206-207-9705 for more information. We will help you begin your bathroom remodeling project.